Slave Pallets

Smith Companies is proud to be the most experienced and knowledgeable supplier of plywood AS/RS Slave Pallets in North America. Be sure to contact us to assist with the design of your custom plywood slave pallet needs to ensure you get the most economical solution without sacrificing performance.

AS/RS Slave Pallets

At Smith Companies, we can review your specific application and design, test, and deliver the correct AS/RS Slave Pallet for your application whether or not you have sensitivity to durability, temperature, wet environment, heavy loads, ergonomics, vacuum lifting applications, limit switch and photo eye integration, pallet weight sensitivity for handling, size constraints, flatness sensitivity, or other concerns.

DURAPLY coated AS/RS Slave Pallets

DURAPLY is a proprietary durable coating which creates an incredibly durable and moisture proof abrasion barrier that extends the lifespan of our plywood slave pallets exponentially.